The Art of Distillation

The Art of Distillation

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Triple distilled tequila is a new category of tequila offerings that distill the product in three distinct processes. It has been branded as Ultra-premium tequila by industrial standards because it is believed that pushing the merits of this third step gives the consumer a more purified, high quality product.

Distillation, by definition, is the heating and cooling procedure that is used to purify alcohol. The first distillation in this process is done to remove solid particles, yeast, proteins, and minerals. At this point, it does not have a high enough alcohol level for it to be considered tequila. Usually tequila is produced after the second distillation, when the alcohol level is increased to around 80 proof, and the last traces of particles are stripped away, leaving a very clean agave flavor.

Sicario Tequila believes going step further results in a smoother product taste, and a purified aroma. Competitors, such as Patron, have labeled their version as Patron Platinum, and priced the triple distilled product at 5 times their doubled distilled Patron Silver tequila. Believing this third step adds value to the final product.

Some consumers believe that the third process removes too much of the agave flavor. But some products, such as Sicario (hitman, in Spanish) (photos) promises triple distillation smoothes out the tequila, purifying its taste, and mutes the US consumer unwanted smell. According to Company CEO Jessica Gutierrez, "Many feel as if triple distillation removes too much of the agave flavor and tastes out of the product. However our targeted US consumer wants just that, a smoother, less agave scented product. Our research told us that we have consumers that love the way the product makes us feel, but hate the smell. We have actually witnessed individuals taking shots and holding their nose. My Mexican heritage and family background had my mind saying, why not enjoy that agave, it's the heart and soul of this alcohol. But my US marketing mind says give the customer what they want! Who am I to judge, I grew up producing and enjoying Mezcal!".


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